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Instructional Technology Department

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The Instructional Technology Department consists of a team of innovative educators (iCoaches) who specialize in the integration of technological resources into the instructional curriculum. They provide professional development, instructional resources and support for educators to help them successfully integrate technology into the Common Core Standards-based curriculum.

The Racine Unified School District is working to ensure that students have access to technology in their classrooms, and media centers. We have iMacs and Macbooks in many classrooms and continue to add iPads and iPods for students. Students use the Apps to be curators of content, and are the architects of their learning. We use screencasts and the flipped classroom model in many of our classrooms for digitized differentiation. Students blog to practice their writing skills across all content areas. They have teamed up with students from around the world in order to be global communicators. The world is truly their classroom.

We have implemented Google Apps for Education. There has been an outpouring of shared ideas and teaching methods across the district, which has resulted in a more collaborative educational culture. Teachers create daily quizzes in Google Forms to assess student understanding and use the results to differentiate their instruction.

Using Google Docs and gmail has allowed students to share information in real-time allowing them to work on shared projects. Google Apps has fundamentally changed how students are learning and how teachers are instructing. The collaborative working and learning environment has moved outside the walls of the classroom.